Black Tea

Darjeeling Black Teas are top grade quality leaves that are grown 6800 feet above sea level. These leaves undergo all the traditional and extensive methods involved to ensure that they are carefully processed. What is unique about Darjeeling Black Tea is the complete process of oxidation that the leaves undergo with the help of just the right amount of sunshine from its high mountainside location. This is what differentiates Darjeeling Black tea from other varieties of tea because the leaves need to be fully dried until they are dark in color and then they are carefully cracked to let in more oxygen. This is called 100% oxidation and is what gives the leaves their dark color.

The plants are aged naturally accounting to their astringent and tannic characteristics which occur due to natural ageing. The floral aroma and musky spiciness come from the mountainous soil where they are cultivated and it is a taste which tea connoisseurs love and refer to as its “muscatel” flavor. Click here below to find out more about our black teas on offer

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